Exercise tips for when it’s hot

It’s summer! The days are long, the sun is shining brighter, and the temperatures are rising. So no better time for some in-the-sun-workout tips. That way, you keep a cool head while exercising outside.

Nowadays, people are exercising a lot, and the mercury keeps on rising! Super, because a workout outside in the sun is ten times better than in the pouring rain anyway. However, the same sun also brings some risks, so it is useful to exercise responsibly when it is hot. That’s why we have some cool tips for getting through that heat:

Drink, drink, drink

It is always important to hydrate enough, but especially during exercise, you need to drink enough. On a warm summer day, it’s recommended to drink at least 1 to 1.5 litres more than you are used to. So take that big bottle with you to your workout! Take large sips instead of small sips in between. Your stomach can process that better when you drink a lot at once. So bring a little more than usual, that way you can be sure that you don’t have to fill your bottle in public places.

Start slow… finish strong!

Your body likes to get used to the heat for a while. So start a little slower and go for a quiet start. If you would like to exercise outside but would like to relax for a while, do a yoga class in the shade. If you want to cool off a bit, go for a lap swim at the nearest swimming pool.

Want to do a CrossFit® or cardio workout outside? Even then, a slower start is useful. Warm-up your muscles, let yourself get used to the heat and take advantage of it! Do you still get warm? Throw some water over your head or shirt or put a wet towel on your neck.

Find a place in the shade

Plan a running route in the park or forest, find a shade in the garden and very important: do not forget to lubricate! Besides, many locations offer workouts outside in the forest, on the beach or in a somewhat cooler place during the warm days.

Get on (or into) the water!

Fortunately, we have enough water and sea in our little country to cool off. Take advantage of that! Go for a swim, SUP, surf or canoe in various places. Perfect for a warm summer day: it feels a bit like a holiday, but you are still active. So kill two birds with one stone.

Please note: even if you are in or on the water and have cooled down slightly, this does not mean that you are less likely to burn or dry out. So bring plenty of water, apply and put on a hat – also works great against overheating and sun stings.

Take enough breaks or do a shorter workout.

Take a rest! If it is hot, you better take a half minute break a little more often. Let your body get used to it, cool it down a bit and make sure you don’t get too exhausted. You don’t want to get heatstroke.

Another pro tip: if you have too little moisture and salt in your muscles, you can get cramps. Shake them off every now and then, take a break, or take a leisurely walk. In addition to water, it is also useful to drink isotonic sports drinks when it is really hot. These keep your salt and minerals a little more up to the mark so that your muscles suffer less quickly. And finally: is it too hot? Take it easy! You don’t always have to go all out when it’s hot.