Also this month we have a new addition for our all-star Barber team. We are proud to present to you: Akim.

Akim is an echte Amsterdammer, who had the dream of becoming Barbier from a very young age. Growing up in a barber family, he was impressed by the big hairstyles that his mother made in her salon. He already knew for sure: he wanted to become a gentlemen hairstylist.

After a long career in the fashion industry, he opted for his passion, and he followed the way to become a barber. For his education, he went to “The old school barber academy” of Schorem in Rotterdam and the Barberschool in Amsterdam.

His speciality is short / short-covered men’s classic men’s coupes. His passion as a barber, alongside classic haircuts, is the service and experience for the customer in the traditional way. “I strive for every customer to experience the ultimate service, from advice to the haircuts delivery, I am a perfectionist and always go for the absolute maximum attainable.”