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Head Enlight District has a wide range of services for your beard and hair. Our barbers are all highly skilled and passionate when it comes to their profession. We work at a personal level with our clients and are always happy to advice you if needed.

So make an appointment, tell us your wishes and we will it happen. At HED Barber we take service personal.


Beard Trim (Beard Spa) €35,00

First Aid  €20,00
– Quick Fix with only Clippers and Scissors

Old-School Clean Shave €40,00

Royal Beard Spa  €50
(Includes a head-and-shoulder massage)

Royal Clean Shave €50
(Includes a head-and-shoulder massage)


Standard HED Haircut €50,00

Lining/Contour Only €20,00
– Neck taper

Sides and Back Only €30,00

Clean Head Shave €40,00
– Straight Razor / Foil Shaver

Buzz Cut  €40,00
– Only clippers

Royal Haircut  €65,00
(Includes a head/shoulder massage)


Buzz Cut & Beard Trim/Beard Spa €70                      • Standard Haircut & Beard Clean Shave €85

Head Shave & Beard Trim/Beard Spa €70                • Premium Haircut & Beard Trim Combo €85

Standard Haircut & Beard trim/Beard Spa €80        •  The King’s Combo €120
                                                                                                   (Includes facial waxing and a massage)   


Wash/Cut/Styling  €55,00
– Short Hair

Wash/Cut/Styling  €65,00
– Medium Hair

Wash/Cut/Styling €75,00
– Long Hair

Hair Mask  €15
(only in combination with haircut)


For students and Amsterdam Stadpas
holders we have special prices for our services

Student Beard Trim/Beard Spa 30,00

We accept the following payment services