Get your ANTIDOTE !

ANTIDOTE, musical relief during pandemic!

Usually, the third week of October, our beloved city of Amsterdam is packed with all sorts of music lovers and professionals.
Celebrating and enjoying electronic music in all its beautiful forms. How different it is in this crazy 2020 IRL Black Mirror episode.

Still, we at HED² Barber believe that music is the answer, if not the antidote for your inner self to keep grounded, happy and sane.
After last years success, we couldn’t let this time of year past without bringing you some unique sound & beats, LIVE from the barbershop.

So from 22nd till the 25th October Head Enlight Radio presents; ANTIDOTE. With great artists performing live at HED² barbershop.
Each session starts at 17:00 and will be streamed.

Tune in to our stream page!