Re-opening of The HED Barber

At last after many weeks of being closed, during these bizarre and uncertain Corona times, for reasons beyond our control, finally, we can look forward to the re-opening, ahead. This Wednesday 3rd  March we will be open for service again. Nevertheless, we will apply rules of conduct in which we follow the recommendations of RIVM. In the ... More

Get your ANTIDOTE !

ANTIDOTE, musical relief during pandemic! Usually, the third week of October, our beloved city of Amsterdam is packed with all sorts of music lovers and professionals. Celebrating and enjoying electronic music in all its beautiful forms. How different it is in this crazy 2020 IRL Black Mirror episode. Still, we at HED² Barber believe ... More

HED Gift cards, the perfect gift for men.

Every man is familiar with the question: ‘What do you want for your birthday / anniversary /Christmas / Valentine / etc. ?’ (cross out what is not applicable). And how often have you received a nice pair of socks, an unspecific fragrance or another well-intended gift that was not your taste or that you will use - EVER. Hed Enlight ... More

Mokum Coffee, coffee Amsterdam style

Hed Barbershop is a local, Amsterdam-based business. And we prefer to work with local partners. Especially if they have a great product that fits perfectly with Hed Barbershop. That is why we have been making Mokum Coffee for our guests since this month. Mokum Coffee is a wonderful blend of 65% Arabica with 35% Robusta. The slow roast ... More