Mokum Coffee, coffee Amsterdam style

Hed Barbershop is a local, Amsterdam-based business. And we prefer to work with local partners. Especially if they have a great product that fits perfectly with Hed Barbershop.

That is why we have been making Mokum
Coffee for our guests since this month. Mokum Coffee is a wonderful blend of 65% Arabica with 35% Robusta. The slow roast roasting method gives the coffee a mild but full flavour with the aromatic characteristics of Sweet, nutty, red fruit, spices and cedarwood.

Mokum coffee comes from Amsterdam but is a coffee brand for everyone. Good, tasty coffee. No-fuss, no smooth talk, just coffee!

Curious as to how it tastes, yet? Then feel free to have a cup at your next visit to Hed Enlight District Barbershop.